yes i like the stormy days w/skies of grey & white

where birds fly in

the wind


I wonder about how it feels

to fly over the coulee

so I wrote

‘what if I wish for a storm’ after visiting Grand Coulee before we

lived here

and it was published in

Peregrine Journal

what if I wish for a storm

by Amherst Writers& Artists


rain poem for Annie part 4

because the lights were off & the phone was dead & she heard outside the house…


voices in the rain of the window well

can you hear people

talking in the rain

candles burn

water splashes up

& power

only in candles

    the rain

    & the dark


    with large sighs

    under a canvas blanket

& in the dark

& limited candle


we are attacked

by imagination

in a standard

power outage

created by an angry tree

gazing at steamboat//rock from grand coulee//the town during a//run after a storm

grey paint

the water that day that we saw
that day was grey
greyer than you would

grey not blue or silver
under clouds of grey
covering all of the sky

‘cept that one small
area above where sunlight
was allowed to fall

in a shower to the
flat rock far away

Originally published in Them Dam Writers Online