coming back from wilbur
fields of wheat

deadlines & goals

hello! today is the 31st

and the deadline for a few

places I want to submit to

yesterday I submitted a poetry

book & this morning am

trying to finish a chapbook

so I can send it into the world

the deadlines sneak up

on me even though I know they are usually the 15th and the end of the month and now I have a new

chapbook idea

so I can’t sleep and am working/on the phone before my daughter takes it over

wish me luck in finishing

the little book & not falling into

social media

this morning i wasn’t writing except jots &


i was collecting submission calls as i am apt to do on sundays

jotting down names of literary magazines

how many & what genre


pasted,attached,or special

place to submit

themes my favorite

while at the same time trying to read them

& i downloaded

k weber’s chapbook

Bluest Grey

which was free from her site

& it flows sweet