in grand coulee they have an annual run across the top of grand coulee dam and then up to north dam park

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Empty Mirror is a literary magazine online specializing in art and the Beat Generation and I am so lucky they published 2 of my poems this month ‘on the beach at steamboat rock thinking’ and ‘in the lake’

they are usually accepting submissions if you like to do that and can also use some monetary help to keep the submissions free

you know how you can close your eyes and be transported to someplace calm where problems are just there but more manageable?

there’s a beautiful place in Everett, Washington like that

right in the middle of the city

next to the water is a little park

it’s right by the port & takes a mile of walking/roller skating/riding a bike each way

I would go there with my daughter on sundays when things seemed so bad

then after walk up to the library

so I wrote about it to remember:

if you walk a mile to pigeon creek you can play on the beach

you never see pigeons at pigeon creek
only tumbled rocks below a train
Poseidon’s horses undomestic
off sandy shallows

Hiawatha’s chickens
wingspans six feet

sunset frozen
to clouds
tangerine and flamingo
hiding colors icy in spite

an orca blooms
where ocean falls
and bald eagles roost on t’s

ignoring ferries
they play
weather is of no concern to them

if you visit pigeon creek

be careful where you walk

 (orcas eat seals
 seals eat salmon
 salmon eat ghost shrimp
 ghost shrimp eat sand)

be careful where you walk a
nd swim at your own
risk there is no life
guard on duty

star garnets are only found in 2 places in the world

one of them is in Idaho

in Emerald Creek there is a camp set up to sluice for these gems that disguise themselves as rocks

if you go

bring cash because you pay to sluice even if you don’t find any

and be prepared to get dirty

but don’t worry too much about that

there is a small creek by the parking lot with soft sand a beautiful purple color and you can wash off there if you want

we went sluicing a few years ago and found 2 star garnets

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rain poem for Annie part 4

because the lights were off & the phone was dead & she heard outside the house…


voices in the rain of the window well

can you hear people

talking in the rain

candles burn

water splashes up

& power

only in candles

    the rain

    & the dark


    with large sighs

    under a canvas blanket

& in the dark

& limited candle


we are attacked

by imagination

in a standard

power outage

created by an angry tree