white shirt,

purple sweats,



Them Dam Writers online is a local writer group

in the Grand Coulee area


they write about the history of Grand Coulee Dam and the people here and the original inhabitants-the wildlife, the ice age lake refilled, the rocks, the amazingly blue sky

they have published a few of my poems including the following- ‘secret dam things’


thank you for reading

yesterday when we were running we were looking hard for snakes and nearly missed the fawn and doe by the silos

my daughter said “look”

I looked up from my achy legs

& patterned breathing

into the eyes of a fawn

silent under a weeping tree

her mother reclined in the shadows

of the grain elevators below the osprey nest

I always want to write about the deer & we see them often

here is my poem ‘grand coulee dear’ in The Gorge Literary Journal


Grand Coulee Dear