deadlines & goals

hello! today is the 31st

and the deadline for a few

places I want to submit to

yesterday I submitted a poetry

book & this morning am

trying to finish a chapbook

so I can send it into the world

the deadlines sneak up

on me even though I know they are usually the 15th and the end of the month and now I have a new

chapbook idea

so I can’t sleep and am working/on the phone before my daughter takes it over

wish me luck in finishing

the little book & not falling into

social media

she is

hello hola ciao

from the pacific northwest

near grand coulee dam

near lake roosevelt

the rerouted & toned down columbia

constance schultz


from a large family

is a writer

uses stream of consciousness often

was born in the 60’s

practices a form of running that is sometimes mostly walking

did not learn to drive until her 20’s when a boyfriend let her loose in a bumpy field with an old truck


going to continue to improve &

revise this page herself writing art stuff & carrying a battered notebook

& pen



Them Dam Writers with my poem ‘awaken’ published today

…& we have begun to water…

If you get a chance, you might want to read the other articles too.

They are about the history of this area and include such things as s

salmon fishing and how building the dam affected the Native Americans in the area not just for food, but also for trading.

I learn something every time. And the photos are fantastic.